Wednesday, 11 September 2019

reading festival 2019. almost like a homecoming.

mo cheol thĂș, reading. literally. second year weirdly felt like a homecoming. you walk in and it’s like, you never left.

sometimes you just gotta get outta your head, and into a field, and dance your fuckin socks off. there is literally no better place on earth than this sprawling field on richfield avenue.

the sheer joy of watching john o’callaghan’s chaotic energy burst on stage and unravel in the most magical way for forty minutes. realising all YMAS fans are also jaded twenty somethings who don’t wanna crouch in the pit for josh “stop fucking moaning” franceschi. and seeing you me at six live is always a homecoming in and of itself. billie eilish’s perfect brand of spooky pop mixed with her absolute amazement at and humility about her own superstardom. lauren from chvrches’ ability to make a massive tent feel like her own fairy fortress, a magical world of pop perfection only feet away from an excited and screaming dave grohl.

being rickrolled by said dave grohl in the best possible fuckin way. the spirit of rock n roll lives within him, and punk carries on with swmrs. it’s so good to know it’s in great hands. enter shikari’s batshit crazy dance metal neuro punk whathaveyou being one of the best sets of the weekend, even if experienced from outside that wedged and sweaty tent. and realising that they might be the most important band in the world.

genre doesn’t have to be limiting. you’ll find each and every possible strand of music huddled in these tents, or blasting gloriously and triumphantly from main stage.

constantly being reminded we’re probably gonna die in an all consuming fire, so you
might as well keep dancing, keep living, and do whatever the fuck you want. don’t forget to redeem your paper cups for 10p each on your way out!

i existed for three days off vegan sausage rolls, salty hot dogs, and many, many calippos in the scorching sun and i almost wouldn’t have it any other way.

see you again next year, reading, you chaotic, joyful mess.

“and i wonder, if everything could ever feel this real forever? if anything could ever be this good again?”

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

i travelled to london to see the maine and made a vlog about it

Hi there! I went to London recently for the first time in my life (i.e. instead of my usual few hour flying visits). And I vlogged about it!

We went over to see The Maine play the final show on their You Are OK European tour at the 02 Forum in Kentish Town. We also ate some unbelievably good food at The Diner in Camden (the best vegan burrito of my entire life, I dunno what kind of magic they put in their guac but it is unreal) and The Breakfast Club (go after 12 and you can get the PB&J pancakes pictured above. Incredible). We also just zipped about on electric scooters for quite a bit.

Watch it all below!

Friday, 1 February 2019

january 2019 was weirdly really good for new music

Does anyone else feel like we were really blessed with new music so far this year?? A new Bring Me The Horizon album, another iconic Ariana Grande track, and finally, the long-awaited return of Vampire Weekend, among others - in terms of music, 2019 is off to a seriously good start. Here's what I've been listening to!

Mid-January, Ariana Grande finally dropped 7 rings on us, and even though we'd waited so long, I don't think any of us could ever have been ready enough for that. Guaranteed to be the biggest flex of the year, I love it from start to finish. Lines like "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it" and "you like, my hair? gee thanks, just bought it" are already so iconic. "Happiness is the same price as red bottoms", "Ain't no budget when I'm on the set, if I like it then that's what I get"? Ariana rapping?? I can't wait for the thank u, next album. I loved sweetener and how experimental Ariana got with her sound last year, but I'm so excited for an album of bold, in-your-face pop anthems like what she's been serving us recently.

Bring Me The Horizon brought us amo and like literally every BMTH release since Suicide Season in 2008, it divided a lot of opinions. Personally, I think it absolutely slaps - I've listened to heavy metal, and sugar honey ice & tea several times a day since the album dropped last week. Other honourable mentions: nihilist blues (featuring Grimes), in the dark (which sounds a little Justin Timberlake to me for some reason, and in the best way) and lead single MANTRA.

Speaking of albums: let's talk teal. More specifically, Weezer's surprise Teal album, featuring iconic covers from artists like TLC, Black Sabbath, Michael Jackson and of course, Toto. I love it so much, from start to finish - I mean, who'd have thought we needed Rivers Cuomo singing No Scrubs so badly in our lives? Mr. Blue Sky, Happy Together, the bops are all there, and the Teal album is the album we needed to kick off 2019.

Vampire Weekend are finally expected to make a proper return this year, with forthcoming album Father of the Bride. On January 24th, they gave us two tracks - Harmony Hall and 2021, the former including lyrics from 2014's Finger Back. I mean, I like both tracks, they're pretty run of the mill Vampire Weekend, but I'm really intrigued to see what they bring to the full length album later in the year.

Only yesterday, Fall Out Boy announced and released a previously recorded track with Lil Peep, featuring vocals from Patrick Stump and ILoveMakonnen. I've never really listened to Lil Peep, but I love FOB, and I'm kind of obsessed with this song. Like, I think I listened to it three times on my twenty minute bus journey to work this morning.

We also got a glimpse into what The Maine have in store for us this year, with new single Numb Without You. It literally sounds like a Panic! At The Disco verse and a Fall Out Boy chorus and I'm extremely here for it. They just got announced for Reading and Leeds this year and I can't wait to see them on their UK tour in a few weeks.

As for live music, we caught The 1975's tour at the start of the month, and although I'm not their biggest fan, there's a few tracks from last year's A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships that I can't stop listening to since. Pale Waves and No Rome supported, the former I've seen before and always enjoy, the latter who was completely new - but I'm now obsessed with his track, Narcissist, also a collaboration with The 1975 themselves.

During the week we saw Hayley Kiyoko's first ever Irish show, the first of two sold out nights at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. It was such a lovely, wholesome evening and honestly since I've sworn I want to go to more pop concerts this year because their energy and levels of fun are just incomparable. Dutch singer-songwriter Naaz supported, and was excellent - I'm making my way through her debut album, Bits of Naaz at the minute, and I already love Up to Something.

Next month we're getting an Ariana album, and I'm seeing Hippo Campus! Nice!

If you want to listen to any of the music mentioned, you can check out most of them in my 2019 Spotify playlist - I'll be throwing any and all new discoveries and rekindled loves in there throughout the year! Feel free to slide into my DMs with any music suggestions too, on Twitter or Instagram, they're always welcome x

Thursday, 25 October 2018

State Champs @ The Academy, Dublin

Monday, 22nd October: we went to see State Champs play their first show in Ireland in three years.

We arrived a few minutes late into Woes' set, but didn't really miss much. Not that they were bad, just kinda forgettable.

What we did want to see more of was Australian band Stand Atlantic, who we've loved for a while now, since their debut EP Sidewinder dropped last year. Sadly, a few technical difficulties meant their set had to be cut short and we missed out on a few bops from said EP, but new singles Lavender Bones and Lose My Cool still went OFF (stream Skinny Dipping from October 26th!!)

Seaway also dropped a sick album last year, and included a good chunk of Vacation on their setlist. I think you forget just how many absolute bops these guys have until they play another, and another, and another... Scatter My Ashes..., London, Luna on the Beach, Curse Me Out, all great tracks and pretty damn good live too.

We kind of half-watched State Champs twice already this year, from various queues at Warped Tour, so I was interested to see how a headline show would go down. Their latest album, Living Proof, has some great tunes on it, and some good but slightly more forgettable ones too, and that pretty much sums up the accompanying tour setlist. They're a great live band, blasting out an endless loop of energetic pop punk, and hardly took a chance to slow down -  with the exception of one acoustic song in the middle. Newer tracks like Mine is Gold and Dead And Gone were brilliant and went down a treat, while everyone popped off to classics like All You Are Is History and Elevated. Secrets is a really sick closer too, but everything else than came in the middle was... fine? Maybe I'm just not enough of a ~stan~ or whatever, but they're good live, we had some bops, but I think three State Champs sets in one year is enough for now...

Check out supports Stand Altantic and Seaway on Spotify, if you're looking for new music. I'd definitely love to see Stand Atlantic somewhere again in the new year!

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