Thursday, 26 June 2014

BOOKS: It by Alexa Chung

Here's one for the fashion lovers - this week's book is It by Alexa Chung.

I'm a big fan of Alexa Chung - for me, she just embodies "cool", has impeccable style, and just a really cool, interesting personality. If you're a fan of Ms. Chung too, or just an all round fashion lover, It may just be the book for you.

It is filled with both gorgeous and quirky photos from Alexa's life, from black and white polaroids to her own little drawings. Within It's pages, Alexa discloses her favourite fashion icons, some of her best beauty tips, and her wide range of style inspirations. She also gives an insight into her personal life, from some of her early interests as a child, and how she started modelling, to cute little anecdotes about her grandfather, how she overcomes heartbreak and even some advice on taking the best self-portrait for Instagram. It's really interesting to hear her life from her own perspective, and in her own words, especially as she's someone who lives her life under the media's glare. I find her to be quite an interesting and witty person, and reading her book has definitely made me love her even more!

The book itself is really quite something, aesthetically - I love the gorgeous dusky pink cover, and the simplistic designs on the front and spine. It's definitely one of the prettiest books on my shelf!

Overall, it's essential reading for any self-confessed Chung fan out there, and may also be a nice addition to a fashion lover's bookshelf. I often find myself plucking this off the shelf, when I'm in need of some fashion inspiration, or beauty advice.

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