Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Revisiting Childhood Memories at Dublin Zoo

Ah, the zoo. We've all been there at some point in our youth. A trip to Dublin Zoo is practically a rite of passage in every Irish childhood.

Last Thursday, I got to relive the whole childhood experience when I visited Dublin zoo with my mom and two younger sisters. The youngest is only six, and this was her first proper trip to the zoo -  as you can imagine, her excitement was infectious (her reaction to just being on a motorway for the first time took the biscuit!).

Fortunately, we picked one of those rare beautiful days here in Ireland - the sun was scorching, the sky was as blue as could be, and the Phoenix Park was absolutely picturesque. We had a little picnic before spending three hours exploring all that Dublin Zoo had to offer.

I like how the whole zoo is laid out in an almost cyclical structure - you can simply follow the trails and not miss anything, and end up back where you started, at the main gate. It's all divided into different 'environments' too, like the African savanna, Kaziranga forest trail, etc., so if you're there to learn, you can kind of see what the animals' natural habitats would be like.

The only annoying thing is the first part of the trail, where you go through the Asian forests, expecting to see tigers, lions and leopards etc., only to find that the animals are either asleep or just not there. It's a little bit irritating when you're paying so much to see everything, and don't get the full experience. But oh, well. There's still plenty to see!

All in all, it was a great day out. Day trips to Dublin zoo just never get old, really, and you're never too old for them either! We were there in time to watch the sealions being fed (something that the youngest of us enjoyed immensely). It's an exhausting day, and boy was I glad to get home. Or at least get as far as Blanchardstown, where we had dinner in Eddie Rockets. Mmmm.

I know this post is a little quite photo-heavy but I swear I took about 200 pictures and couldn't narrow it down to just a few! I hope you've all enjoyed them, and this post, nonetheless.

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