Tuesday, 17 March 2015

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In an effort to inject a little more 'lifestyle' in this blog, I've found myself frequently searching the internet (Google and Pinterest alike) to find what are known as "blogging prompts" - often lists of one liners and questions written to inspire blog posts. The Daily Post are great source of such blogging prompts (you can check out their 365 Writing Prompts here, one for every day of the year, if you're interested!).

Anyway, long intro aside - one of these prompts suggested a blog post on your favourite quote, and here we are.

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt."

Taken from (probably) my all-time favourite writer, Sylvia Plath, this is without a doubt, my favourite quote. I tend to scribble it onto post-its and stick it up wherever I seem to be working - above my desk in my bedroom, even scribbled onto a virtual post-it for my laptop's desktop, and of course, within many journal passages in the multiple notebooks stashed around my room. Why?

It's something I really resonate with, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only writer who relates to it either. Self-doubt is the hamartia of many creatives - and there is nothing more powerful than a lack of self-confidence when it comes to killing creativity.

You won't get anywhere or create anything new if you constantly doubt yourself. Consistently convincing yourself of not being good enough won't write blog posts, or novels, or anything at all, for that matter. I find that self-doubt is a major cause of writer's block and, well, there's nothing nice about feeling shit about yourself and your work.

Just remember that so many great writers felt the same way as you do. So many of the 'major bloggers' we all love reading today have gone through and still go through the same bouts of self-doubt as you and I do. Remember that someone as talented and successful as Sylvia Plath went through similar feelings - you only need to read a handful of excerpts from her journals to know so. The same goes for artists and musicians and every other kind of creative - no one oozes self-confidence 100% of the time, we all have our lows - but instead of wallowing in them, we should be encouraging ourselves and each other to boost ourselves out of them. It might sound cheesy, but I guarantee you most certainly are a lot better at what you do, than you give yourself credit for.

Scribble Plath's quote on numerous post-its if you must, just don't forget it.
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