Saturday, 18 April 2015

Beauty Blogging On A Budget

Being a student blogger, I know all too well how difficult and frustrating it can be sometimes to blog on a tight budget. I read dozens of fashion and beauty blogs by folks who don't rely on a measly student budget to fund their blogs, bloggers who are always on top of the latest collections and releases. It can be frustrating to not be able to keep up, especially from a beauty blogger's perspective -  but if there's anything that blogging has taught me over the last eighteen months is that blogging on a budget is easier than you think.

1. Keep an Eye Out For Freebies

Magazines are great for this - a lot of monthly fashion and / or beauty magazines give out free samples with particular issues. I know it's not technically totally 'free' by any means, but you get to try a product (hopefully high end!) and get a great magazine from which you can pick up style tips and possible blogging inspiration! Elle magazine is great for high end freebies - through it, I've tried the much-loved Benefit POREfessional pore minimizer, and a Benefit lipgloss too - not to mention skincare and makeup samples from much lesser-known brands.

2. Watch Out For Special Offers

Boots are great for special offers and money-saving deals. They regularly have '3 for 2' offers across all their cosmetics, hair products and skincare, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye out. Again, you're spending money, but the point is: you're spending less. I like to wait until there are offers on instore before going to buy cosmetics. If I'm trying anything new, I usually tend to pick it up on special offer, where there's money off or a 'buy one get one free', etc. Similarly, Superdrug often have special deals across their stock - it's worth checking out their websites (Boots have an entire page devoted to Offers), or signing up to mailing lists so you're notified as soon as new offers are available.

3. Shop Your Stash

Now this one's totally free - 'shopping your stash' is where you go through the stash of products you already have and try and come up with new ways to write about them. You may find things you've forgotten about, or haven't already reviewed. You could write about your favourite drugstore lip products, or create a post on your everyday makeup. Try thinking outside the box and come up with new ways to wear particular lipsticks, or think of any beauty tricks unique to you that you could share in a blog post. With a little thought, it's easy to come up with new ideas and potential posts, and you don't spend a cent!

4. Ask

... and by asking I don't mean hounding PR companies and brands for free products. Instead, try approaching counters in department stores, like Debenhams or Brown Thomas, and asking for a sample of a product. If you're genuinely interested in a foundation, you could ask to take a sample home with you. They generally don't mind - a lot of high end counters have samples in stock for this purpose. Keep an eye out in magazines and newspapers for vouchers for department stores and beauty counters - through Brown Thomas's own magazine, I got a free sample of the Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 foundation, and had my makeup done for absolutely nothing! Do your research, ask nicely and reap the rewards.

It's not as difficult as it may seem, and at the end of it all, your own brain is full of fresh ideas and content, you just have to unlock it all! I do a lot of brainstorming, and like going through my stash or my Bloglovin' feed for inspiration - both of which are totally free.
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