Monday, 13 April 2015

The First Signs of Summer

I talked a little about my trips to the lake in my last outfit post, and promised a few photos - well, here they are! There's more than just a few, but these were taken over two days, and well, they're kinda pretty, aren't they?

There's honestly nothing better than those first signs of summer. Spring is such a strange time in Ireland, because it usually just feels like a prolonged winter, only worse because it's supposed to be pretty and sunny out.

But then we get those rare weather blips, and out of nowhere, we're hit with nineteen degree 'heatwaves', and finally, it feels like summer's within reaching distance. I made the most of this mini 'heatwave' and took my camera with me anytime I left the house (also as a means of procrastinating from a million and one college assignments, of course).

Anyway- there's only a few weeks of the semester, and exams are kicking off from May 14th, right up to the 22nd. May 23rd will mark the first official day of summer, and I for one, wish it would come a little quicker.

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