Monday, 4 May 2015

Music | Three Albums That Changed My Life

Green Day - American Idiot

Let's start with the big one, shall we? This is probably the most life-changing album in my vast collection. Ironically, it's not technically mine, either - I stole this from my dad's cd collection when I was just nine years old, and going through a period of mourning over the split of Busted (their A Present For Everyone should really be on this list, let's be honest). Green Day seemed to speak to little old me, as I listened eagerly to what sounded like rebellious, angry punk rock bursting from my parent's radio in the kitchen, over a decade (!) ago. I mean, c'mon - back then, tracks like American Idiot sounded really badass to us oblivious little country kids. Everyone at school was singing their songs. My first phone even had a bitty Nokia-ringtone-style remake of that infamous title track. Over the years, Letterbomb and Whatsername would become firm favourites. I hold Green Day very dearly to my heart still, because they opened me up to to the world of rock and its many, many subcultures. Even though American Idiot is far from my favourite album of theirs - musically, I definitely hold the likes of Insomniac (SO under-appreciated!) in higher regard, but in terms of a life-changing album, you couldn't get much bigger than this one.

You Me At Six - Take Off Your Colours

Not near as drastically life-changing as some others on this list, but a worthy contender all the same. I first heard You Me At Six on good ol' Scuzz TV - I vaguely remember seeing their Save It For The Bedroom video on tv before school one morning (closely followed by Kids In Glass Houses' Easy Tiger, another teenage favourite). YMAS were a step closer to pop punk, without falling into the typical Blink 182 inspired sound, favoured by their American counterparts. TOYC is youthful, energetic, bubbly and fun - creatively, it's far from their best work, but it epitomises youthfulness and bursts with energy. It's just a really fun record, and one that's got a lot of teenage memories attached to it, for me. It was also the beginning of a rather long-term adoration for the band!

Lady Gaga - Born This Way

I'll admit that when Lady Gaga first graced our radio airwaves withPoker Face, I was far from impressed. I was still in the throes of my "rock music is the be-all and end-all" phase (ah, adolescence...), mind you. The Fame, to me, is a good album, if not a little generic. But Gaga stole my heart when she released Born This Way. Here was a pop artist bursting with potential, experimenting freely with her sound and not giving a damn. BTW just had so much more confidence, and the world fell for it. I still think it's the best record Gaga may ever make. Marry The Night is what truly captured my heart though. It's as emotional and moving as a four minute pop song can get, but it really means a lot to me, and I think that's why Gaga will forever have a place in my heart. Not to mention that that lady is insanely talented. Paws up!
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