Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The 2015 Summer Reading List

Summer is well and truly upon us at this stage (I mean, it's nearly the end of June...), and I've decided for the guts of the two months I have left, I want to immerse myself into the unread content of my bookshelves. I dug 'em all out and put them in a neat little pile to discuss with you all before I get reading. So, here they are!

Ninteen Eighty Four
George Orwell

1984 is one of those books that everyone says you have to read before you die, because it will somehow dramatically change your life, and your perspective on things. It's a futuristic, dystopic and rather political kind of novel, and supposed to be "the book of the twentieth century". I'll let you know how the whole 'life changing' part goes in a few weeks..

In Cold Blood

Truman Capote

This was one the recommended reading list for one of our classes back in the first semester of first year, so I went out and bought a secondhand copy online for a couple of euros... Still haven't read it. Whoops. It's about the brutal murder of a Kansas farmer and his family back in 1959, in the U S of A. It's all entirely true, and is supposed to be journalistic yet written in the style of a novel... or something to that effect. Another very hyped, 'must read' classic, apparently.

Parisian Chic – A Style Guide by Ines de le Fressange
Sophie Gachet

I’ve actually loaned this one (and the next one on the list!) from my good pal Emma over at The Boho Diaries. We’re a little bit obsessed with all things Parisian, and this book covers everything from French fashion dos-and-donts and beauty routines, to decorating your house and even a Paris city guide.  It'll probably be the first one I read, although I’ve read a good chunk of it already, because just last weekend we booked flights to Paris for a two day trip at the end of July, and I cannot wait! (Any Parisian must-sees, do leave in the comments!)

The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Careers in Fashion

I’ve heard that (unsurprisingly) this book is a must-read for anyone looking to pursue a career in fashion – it covers everything you could possibly think of, from journalistic jobs to stylists, designers, models and photographers. This has been really interesting so far – I intend on re-reading it a few times to keep motivated!

Fashion That Changed The World
Jennifer Croll

This was a recent birthday present from another good chum of mine, and again, I’ve read a decent chunk of it already, and hope to finish it soon! It gives an incredibly broad history of the fashion world, and I’ve learned so much from it already. It includes fashion in the worlds of music, film, LGBT, celebrity, art and even the royals. There’s also a deep insight into the history of fashion journalism, from magazines to photography. It’s insanely interesting already, but I’ll definitely post a full review and photos when I’m finished.

The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams

Ian Wallace

I'm not actually going to read an entire dictionary (I don't have that much time), but there's a quite a heavy introduction in this one, and a lot of information on dream analysis and symbolism and everything. I picked this up on sale at Urban Outfitters a few months ago (they have the best books). I can't wait to become a dream-analysing mastermind.

Blogging All-in-One for Dummies

Again, prooobably not going to read every word of this one - there's actually eight books in one here, and it covers everything from starting up to niches, business blogging, promotion tips and essential tools. I'll definitely do a more indepth post on this one later on!
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