Monday, 13 July 2015

BOOKS | Adorkable by Sarra Manning

I picked this book off a shelf in the library recently for two reasons - I'd seen it reviewed on a blog a couple of weeks ago (although couldn't remember if it was good or bad), and because novels about bloggers are very rare, and I was curious.

The story alternates between the perspective of two protagonists:

There's Jeane Smith, the blogging internet obsessive who runs 'Adorkable', from which the novel takes its name. She's described as a 'blogger, a dreamer, a dare-to-dreamer, a jumble sale queen, CEO of her own lifestyle brand'... you get the picture. However, she comes across as obnoxious and overbearing at the best of times - I'll be honest, she kind of annoyed the hell out of me. Her Twitter addiction throughout the novel will probably drive you insane. She does make some good points in her rambles about our consumer-driven mainstream obsessive generation, and one or two on feminism, but there are times when all of this gets a bit too much and frankly, rather annoying.

Then there's Michael Lee, who's portrayed as her polar opposite. Michael's the all-round 'golden boy', sociable, obedient, very much controlled by his parents and to be honest, a little dull.

The pair's lives become intertwined when they discover their partners are in fact, cheating on them with each other. I did think the story was too dragged out for what it was - the story of their relationship. Any drama that appears in the story tends to fizzle out within a matter of pages, so the pace of the story is quite strange.

One thing I will say for this book though is that it raises the ever-relevant issue of how people can exude a completely different persona online to what they are in 'reality'. It's a pretty important message, so hats off to Manning for raising it - pretending to be someone different on the Internet doesn't make you a better person in reality!

It's a really quick read - I finished it in two evenings. Overall, it's an okay story - just a tad too cringey for me. I probably would've enjoyed it in my obsessively-reading-Meg-Cabot days of early adolescence. 

I'll give this one 2/5 stars - if you into those typical teenage romance novels, then check it out, but otherwise, I'd give it a miss.
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