Thursday, 23 July 2015

OOTD #5 | The Navy Dress


We took these photos on a rare and somewhat sunny day which feels like absolutely ages ago now. Last week? Probably. It feels like it's been raining non-stop ever since. The Irish summer really is a week-long, and usually that week occurs in the middle of June.

I know these photos aren't the best, nor are they in abundance - they were a bit of a rushed job, with my little sister behind the lens. 

I also promised some kind of blogging schedule in my last outfit post, which of course didn't really come into fruition. I probably could've guessed as much beforehand - so, apologies for that.

Anyway, something a little more positive - I really, really love this Topshop dress. I got it in a sale just before I moved out of Dublin back in May, for just under €20 I think. A lot of people say they're not great but I love Topshop sales, and always come away with some cool bargains. I love the black lace detailing on the shoulders and back of this dress. Also, I only realised when taking these photos just how short this is - I get that it's Petite size and all, but c'mon. Still cute though.
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