Friday, 16 October 2015

Let's Spread A Li'l Positivity

I firmly believe that there is no greater gift to give a creative, than words of praise and encouragement.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a positive comment, reading that someone has liked or enjoyed something I've written, be it from an old friend, acquaintance or complete stranger. It fills my heart with such elation and encouragement to continue on, that I almost grab my notebook and pen instantaneously to craft the next idea.

It's a wonderful thing, encouragement, and we don't spread it often enough.

It is so important, in a online world where comparison and envy can destroy the strongest of creative types, where we seem to be pitted against each other in a never-ending race for virtual successes.

If you do one thing this weekend, make sure to reach out to your favourite writers, bloggers, photographers and artists and tell them why you like them. Instead of just a casual double-tap on an Instagram photo, type a little comment underneath. Send them a tweet, or a Facebook comment. 

It's funny, but people don't realise how much their casual words of praise can mean to someone who spends hours honing their craft, slaving at a piece of writing or art, just so they're confident enough in it to share it with the online world. Those few positive words add fuel to the fires of motivation, inspiration and passion within us all.

If you like it, share it. We don't half 'fangirl' enough over things, I think. Share an article you like, and spread it that little bit further - you're guaranteed its creator will thank you.

Go out there and be bloody excellent to each other.
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