Monday, 26 October 2015

Listen & Love #2

I couldn't write this month's edition without throwing in a few Fall Out Boy tracks; I went to see them on the first of the month, and I don't think I even need to tell you how good it was (in fact, you can read it here instead). I've been obsessed with two songs of theirs this month, one very old, one very new, and neither of which they played on the night, funnily enough: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner & Favourite Record - the latter I've actually played on loop at times. Oops.
As for the others on the list - Foals released a new album back in September and I'm in love with it's first single, Mountain At My Gates; I've finally jumped aboard the Moose Blood bandwagon, and of course it's Boston that I've been playing repeatedly; The 1975 released a new track this month - Love Me is brilliant, and quite reminiscent of 80's Prince (always a good call). You'll also find new tracks from Panic! At The Disco and Lower Than Atlantis, both of which are excellent!
I stumbled across a band called Desperate Journalist in my Spotify recommendations earlier in the month, which I found funny 'cause that's basically what I'm studying to be... Anyway, it turns out they're a really cool, female-fronted quartet from North London, and their single Cristina is brilliant.
One band I forgot to give a mention to last month are The Strypes, who hail from a place very close to my own home, and who recently played the Versus Versace SS16 show which is insane. They're bloody brilliant too, so well worth checking out - you'll find a few of theirs in the playlist, of course.
I saw Charley Marley supporting FOB this month - he's been recently signed to Pete Wentz's DCD2 label, hence his opening slot on the American Beauty/American Psycho tour. His set was insanely energetic, and his single Bad Things With Jamaicans is seriously catchy.
I also threw in a few songs off Green Day's 1995 album Insomniac - it turned twenty this month (October 10th), and it's one of my favourite albums ever. It kind of blows my mind to think I was only four months old when it was originally released!
This month's (rather hefty) playlist also features some Paramore, Deaf Havana, Otherkin, and The Maine - enjoy!

You can check out last month's playlist HERE.
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