Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Listen & Love #3

So this playlist has been a long time coming, hasn't it? Here's what I've been listening to throughout November / this side of December...

The end of October marked the first year anniversary of Kids In Glass Houses' split, so naturally I've been playing all of their albums repeatedly and trying not to sob. They were such an underrated band - there's not a single album of theirs that I don't love almost every track on. I've included the title track from their final album, Peace - the whole record's well worth a listen though, it is perfection.

Speaking of splits, there's a track from former Dublin band Jody Has A Hitlist in there too (with vocals from KIGH's Aled Phillips) - I loved JHAH as a kid but hadn't paid much attention to their album stuff after 2010 - Charm Offensive is pretty damn good though.

I've included the title track from Don Broco's latest album too, entitled Automatic. Lyrically, it's nothing special but my god, is it catchy. I saw them supporting You Me At Six about three years ago, and they're such an excellent live band.

Since buckling and buying Spotify Premium back in October, I've been sorting out my playlists (of which I admittedly have an embarrassing amount) - I've put one together of all of my favourite songs as a teenager, and rediscovered the awesomeness that is Lit's My Own Worst Enemy.
There's a rather awesome new single from Ariana Grande in the list too - love her or hate her, she's definitely bringing something new and interesting to pop music with this one.
I couldn't not include Drake's Hotline Bling and One Direction's Perfect, I mean, let's be real here...

As for new discoveries this month, you'll find New Politics, The Mowgli's, the excellent Misty Miller and some relative newness from the genius that is Frank Turner. Aaaand of course there's some golden oldies from No Doubt, Garbage and the always wonderful David Bowie thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

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