Saturday, 30 January 2016

Listen & Love #4

I paid a visit to good ol' HMV whilst at home over Christmas and found out they were having a rather bittersweet closing-down sale - sweet because I got the three CDs pictured above for €12 altogether.

I know people seem to think greatest hits albums are kind of lame, but I quite like the idea of having all of an artist's biggest singles on one disc - great for car journeys 'n that. I got David Bowie'sNothing Has Changed, and Bruce Springsteen Morrissey's 'Best Of's, so this month's playlist features those three quite heavily.

Also soundtracking my January, there's a jaunty little tune from A Great Big Pile of Leaves, as well as JPNSGRLS making quite the ruckus. I finally got round to listening to both Emily's Army and Jakob Danger (both lead by kids of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, one of my childhood heroes) through those awesome little Discover Weekly playlists on Spotify, and both of these tracks are pretty cool.
It's taken me way too long to get round to listening to No Devotion, but their track 'Stay' appeared in aforementioned weekly playlist during the month, and oh my word, it's so bloody good. It's got an epic chorus, and their vocalist sounds a teensy bit like Jared Leto.
Aaaand finally, I'm also incredibly late to The Beatles party (if that's even possible, in 2016). Their entire back catalogue appeared on Spotify on Christmas Day, and I've been giving it a few whirls ever since and to be quite honest, it just reminds me of sitting in Eddie Rocket's... Still good though.
I couldn't make this month's playlist without making a hefty tribute to the wonderful visionary and genius that is David Bowie, who we sadly lost towards the start of the month. I'm not gonna lie, approximately 80% of what I've listened to this month was Bowie, so it was kinda hard to make this playlist a little more diverse.
Anyway, enjoy!

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