Saturday, 12 March 2016

Listen & Love #5

Catfish & The Bottlemen released a new track this month, called Soundcheck - twenty seconds into hearing this for the first time and I knew I was in love. These guys are awesome, and I've yet to hear a song from them that I haven't liked.

The 1975 have been dropping tracks like crazy lately, and The Sound is the catchiest of them all. Their new album, I Like It When You Sleep Because You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, came out towards the end of February and you can betcha there'll be a few more tracks from these guys in March's playlist..

The King Blues announced their reunion earlier this year and unleashed their new EP Off With Their Heads unto the world - again, so many awesome tracks, and I really love Pure Fucking Love. I've been playing a lot of TKB towards the end of the month, in the lead up to Ireland's general election, as well as Rage Against The Machine, Enter Shikari and Tracy Chapman's beautiful Talkin' About A Revolution.,.. 'cause, y'know, a girl can dream, right?

I fell in love with Modern Baseball this month, and I love the feisty feel of Your Graduation, and many, many more tracks from their album, You're Gonna Miss It All.

Three bands I've been hooked on - Best Coast (Jealousy - think bright, sunshine-y indie rock)Wyvern Lingo (Letter to Willow is insanely catchy, and they've just released it's accompanying EP too, well worth a listen) and the wonderful Tame Impala, writers of the best chilled out music ever, possibly.

I absolutely would've included BeyoncĂ©'s Formation this month because I freaking love it and everything it stands for, but ol' Bey made it available solely to Tidal, so we're just gonna have to pretend it's here...

What have you all been listening to? Feel free to share some recommendations!
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