Tuesday, 17 May 2016



Yesterday, dear reader, I turned twenty one.

I spent most of the day by the lake, doing nothing in particular with my best friend - which was utter bliss. Lying out on the grass by the shore, listening to the lake lapping against the rocks; the fish leaping, in momentary flashes, from the water to snack on hovering flies and bugs. There was no one there but us for the most of the afternoon, leaving us to lunch in peace by the lakeside.

We strolled along the dusty winding paths through the thick trees along the shore, stopping briefly every now and then to paddle in shallow water, or to (try to) skim stones (and fail miserably).

I guess you could say I'm easily pleased - but days like this are far more precious, more enjoyable, and more soothing than any other. To have nothing to do but bask in the sun's gentle, warming rays; to admire the deep greens of the foliage around, and gaze into the intense blues of the water beneath us - in near total silence. The only sounds came from the water, the chirping, excited birds overhead, or our own slow and happy chatter.

What a way to mark a birthday.

Ciara x
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