Wednesday, 1 June 2016

LIVE | Busted @ 3Arena, Dublin


I think it's safe to say, seven year old me died and went to heaven last night.
I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Busted on their Pigs Can Fly tour for my birthday, from one of my oldest pals, Barry. We went to see McBusted last year, after he won tickets on a radio show, and honestly, we never thought we'd see the day when Busted would reunite with their original line-up. So last night was definitely a childhood dream come true!
Supporting the guys were singer-songwriter Emma Blackery (who we missed..) and Wheatus. We caught the latter half of their set, which wasn't great; but of course they closed with Teenage Dirtbag and inspired a massive, arena-wide sing-along, so they managed to redeem themselves somewhat.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Busted's setlist, to be honest - they opened with their newest single, Coming Home, which is a pretty good song, but not quite their style (although it has been thirteen years, you can't really blame them for wanting to step away from their 2003 sound..). They played a couple of new tracks from an apparently forthcoming album, which did nothing for the crowd (there were guys behind us chanting,"No more new tunes!" and one guy even shouted, "Will yiz play something we f*cking know?" - Oh, Dublin). But the rest of the set was flawless.

Of course, all the classics were there - Crashed The Wedding, You Said No, Who's David, 3AM, etc. A few folks near us tried to start a circle pit during What I Go To School For, which is something I never thought I'd experience (!). The crowd went insane for Sleeping With The Light On and Thunderbirds Are Go, which was amazing -  and of course, the band closed with Year 3000.

There were a few lesser known album tracks thrown in - most of which were taken from their self-titled 2002 album, about which James Bourne insisted on reminding us... - including Falling For You, That Thing You Do, and Meet You There.  Everything I Knew was one of the highlights for me, but my favourite of all was the Charlie-Simpson-penned Why. It's been one of my favourite songs for so, so long and one of the lesser appreciated tracks from the guys, I think. It's really unlike the classic Busted sound, and I adore it, so to hear it live (and actually played really well), was amazing.
The guys kept their stage set-up pretty simple, too. Whilst McBusted had every gimmick, visual effect and accompanying video under the sun, the Busted guys stuck with simple live screens either side of the stage. Behind them stood a 'wall' of fans in grey pig masks - also known as the 'Pig Sty'. 'Cause, y'know, pigs can fly, and all that.
It was such an immensely fun gig, heavy with nostalgia, but the guys did play really well too (something one is always wary of when it comes to these 'comeback gigs' - are they still any good?). It was a brilliant night and I'm delighted that I can tick that one off the bucketlist! 
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