Saturday, 13 August 2016

Listen & Love #7

Green Day are back!!!!!

And as always, I was a initially a little sceptical when they started counting down on Instagram to the release of their new single, Bang Bang - we got the usual pre-release interviews and declarations of "our new album sounds just. like. Dookie" (they never do, though, do they?) - but this one is actually a cracker. Bang Bang is punchy, loud and in-your-face - a lot more reminiscent of American Idiot era Green Day than 1994's Dookie - but a banger nonetheless. I'm really excited for Revolution Radio's release in October.

Whilst on the subject of new releases - this month Moose Blood released the much-anticipated follow-up to 2014's I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time - I haven't quite listened to all of Blush as of yet, but second single Knuckles is a pretty good place to start.

I've also included the newest single from Bastille - I've been listening to Good Grief endlessly over the last few weeks, and it always puts me in such a good mood. I'm excited to hear more new stuff from these guys soon!

At the end of July, I got to go to this year's Indiependence festival (more on that here) and naturally enough, I've been trying to overcome the post-festival blues by repeatedly listening to all my favourite songs from the weekend. So far, I haven't been too successful... Thus, in this month's playlist you'll find the latest single from The Blizzards, Drop Down The Anchor, as well as one of my favourite album tracks of theirs - Three Cheers For Modern Medicine, from 2009's Domino Effect.

Also in there is Bell X1's The Great Defector (I could've devoted most of this playlist to Bell X1's many, many bops but managed to restrain myself....); The Kooks' gorgeous two minute acoustic track Seaside; the epic Ship Goes Down from Walking On Cars; and Chasing Rubies from the always enjoyable Hudson Taylor.

Aaaand finally, my newest discovery comes in the form of Chumped - I love their track, Something About Lemons - and was kind of devastated to find out they split up earlier this year.. boo.

As always, feel free to leave your music recommendations in the comments below, or tweet me @ciarapollock.

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