Thursday, 25 October 2018

State Champs @ The Academy, Dublin

Monday, 22nd October: we went to see State Champs play their first show in Ireland in three years.

We arrived a few minutes late into Woes' set, but didn't really miss much. Not that they were bad, just kinda forgettable.

What we did want to see more of was Australian band Stand Atlantic, who we've loved for a while now, since their debut EP Sidewinder dropped last year. Sadly, a few technical difficulties meant their set had to be cut short and we missed out on a few bops from said EP, but new singles Lavender Bones and Lose My Cool still went OFF (stream Skinny Dipping from October 26th!!)

Seaway also dropped a sick album last year, and included a good chunk of Vacation on their setlist. I think you forget just how many absolute bops these guys have until they play another, and another, and another... Scatter My Ashes..., London, Luna on the Beach, Curse Me Out, all great tracks and pretty damn good live too.

We kind of half-watched State Champs twice already this year, from various queues at Warped Tour, so I was interested to see how a headline show would go down. Their latest album, Living Proof, has some great tunes on it, and some good but slightly more forgettable ones too, and that pretty much sums up the accompanying tour setlist. They're a great live band, blasting out an endless loop of energetic pop punk, and hardly took a chance to slow down -  with the exception of one acoustic song in the middle. Newer tracks like Mine is Gold and Dead And Gone were brilliant and went down a treat, while everyone popped off to classics like All You Are Is History and Elevated. Secrets is a really sick closer too, but everything else than came in the middle was... fine? Maybe I'm just not enough of a ~stan~ or whatever, but they're good live, we had some bops, but I think three State Champs sets in one year is enough for now...

Check out supports Stand Altantic and Seaway on Spotify, if you're looking for new music. I'd definitely love to see Stand Atlantic somewhere again in the new year!

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