Wednesday, 11 September 2019

reading festival 2019. almost like a homecoming.

mo cheol thú, reading. literally. second year weirdly felt like a homecoming. you walk in and it’s like, you never left.

sometimes you just gotta get outta your head, and into a field, and dance your fuckin socks off. there is literally no better place on earth than this sprawling field on richfield avenue.

the sheer joy of watching john o’callaghan’s chaotic energy burst on stage and unravel in the most magical way for forty minutes. realising all YMAS fans are also jaded twenty somethings who don’t wanna crouch in the pit for josh “stop fucking moaning” franceschi. and seeing you me at six live is always a homecoming in and of itself. billie eilish’s perfect brand of spooky pop mixed with her absolute amazement at and humility about her own superstardom. lauren from chvrches’ ability to make a massive tent feel like her own fairy fortress, a magical world of pop perfection only feet away from an excited and screaming dave grohl.

being rickrolled by said dave grohl in the best possible fuckin way. the spirit of rock n roll lives within him, and punk carries on with swmrs. it’s so good to know it’s in great hands. enter shikari’s batshit crazy dance metal neuro punk whathaveyou being one of the best sets of the weekend, even if experienced from outside that wedged and sweaty tent. and realising that they might be the most important band in the world.

genre doesn’t have to be limiting. you’ll find each and every possible strand of music huddled in these tents, or blasting gloriously and triumphantly from main stage.

constantly being reminded we’re probably gonna die in an all consuming fire, so you
might as well keep dancing, keep living, and do whatever the fuck you want. don’t forget to redeem your paper cups for 10p each on your way out!

i existed for three days off vegan sausage rolls, salty hot dogs, and many, many calippos in the scorching sun and i almost wouldn’t have it any other way.

see you again next year, reading, you chaotic, joyful mess.

“and i wonder, if everything could ever feel this real forever? if anything could ever be this good again?”
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